SfM – accuracy tests

lighting_stage      sfm_qualtest_570

To test Photoscan‘s general accuracy, I contructed a virtual lighting stage using Blender to provide optimal lighting conditions, uniform camera angle distribution and ideal object material properties.

To read more about my approach and its results, click here.


Duration: ongoing


Duration: Jan 2015 – Dec 2015



Hattusa Temple I – Project

Duration: Nov 2011 – Dec 2014

The primary goal of this DFG-funded project was a thorough evaluation of philological and archeological clues that could lead to a more detailed reconstruction of the archives of the Great Temple at Ḫattusa/Boğazköy, the capitol of the Hittite empire (ca. 1600-1180BC). These clues included its localization, dating, hosted tablet categories and relation to other archives in the city complex.

As a scientific assistant, I focused on the archeological aspects of excavations at Ḫattusa/Boğazköy. My tasks included the georeferencing of old maps and plans, as well as the reconstruction of excavation events from the first campaigns using old photographs and manuscripts.

Tall Zira’a

The Tall Zira’a forms the nexus af the Gadara region in the Wadi al’Arab (Jordan). Its 5000 year long settlement history has been studied since 2003 by the BAI Wuppertal in cooperation with the DEI Jerusalem and the DEI Amman.

As an excavation assistant on the Tall Zira’a-project, I was able to collected my first experiences in the Near East, and was introduced to digital photogrammetry methods and aerial photography using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).