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The integrity of archeological sites and artifacts can not always be guaranteed, especially in countries lacking reliable antiquities management infrastructures. Coincidentally, many developing countries are severely restricting the export of artifacts by foreign scientists.

By establishing state of the art documentation techniques and efficient data archiving strategies, I can help you and your project meet these new challanges without skipping a beat.

The great potential of new interactive media for analysis and presentation of scientific data still goes largely untapped by archeological museums and scientific institutions. Using game development software, I can create a virtual environment to collect and visualize your project’s data. This tool is especially usefull for architectural reconstructions, allowing to immediatly test the effects of different reconstruction hypotheses on light and sound propagation, visibility and archeo-astronomical contextualization. Anotations as well as sources to your reconstruction elements can be easily added and displayed on commmand, thus improving the reconstruction’s scientific integrity without cluttering the visual space.

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