Jan 2016

As a technical consultant I ensure quality and integrity of computational photography and photogrammetry methods used on site.

Jan 2015

As an assistant scientist I participated in different Digital Humanities-projects and underwent extensive IT and remote sensing training.

Sep 2012

Category: Campaign , RTI

As a participant of the 2012 Summer campaign I was tasked with documentation of finds using RTI.

Aug 2012

Category: Project , RTI

In my function as head of documentation I have recorded 229 figurines using the RTI highlight method.

Mar 2012

During the preliminary campaign to the Karacamirli-Project I served as a Photographer in both Georgia and Azerbaidjan.

Nov 2011

As a scientific assistant my tasks included georeferencing of old maps and plans and the reconstruction of excavation processes.

Mar 2011

As an excavation assistant I was able to collected my first excavation experience in the Near East.