RTI – using the web viewer

A few selected examples from the FGFP figurines (Iron Age), using Gianpaolo Palma's Web RTI Viewer. Images shot and processed b. o. of FGFP using the CHI's RTIBuilder.  (Copyrights at the resp. institutions and FGFP/Thomas Graichen.)

To change lighting position, activate the bulb-icon and click and drag your cursor over the image.

For my alternative dissemination method for RTIs, check here.

Amman, The Jordan Museum, JMA 1675 (J 13022).

Amman, The Jordan Museum, JMA 457.

Madaba, Archaeological Museum, M 4949.

Madaba, Archaeological Museum, M 8399.

Madaba, Archaeological Museum, M 9928.

Salt, Archaeological Museum, Museum No. 949.

Amman, Jordan Archaeological Museum, TJ 1639.

Tell Deir Alla, Excavation storage

Madaba, Archaeological Museum, M 9989.